5 Tricks To Keep Your Newly Renovated Bathroom Fresh And Clean

Photo Credit: Marvel Building

Photo Credit: Marvel Building

Bathroom renovation complete? Time to show it off!

Once you’re done all the hard work and execution of a bathroom renovation, it feels so good to settle in and start sharing your refreshed space. Although your new bathroom will surely keep looking great, you’re going to want to keep it smelling great too.

You chose to change your space to appeal to your preferred function and sense of style, so we’ve put together 5 helpful tips to help your bathroom appeal to your sense of smell as well:


Don’t Cover It – Clean It

Simply covering up odours doesn’t work. It creates a confusing mix of smells that settle in and eventually turn stale. You wouldn’t put a band-aid on serious injury, so if you notice something funky in your space locate the source of the problem and clean it thoroughly instead of covering the odour up.


Go With The Flow

Keeping the air circulating in your bathroom is critical to maintaining a pleasant odour. Crack a window, use your bathroom fan (and talk to one of our Edmonton interior designers before you start your project) to make sure you keep up adequate airflow in your new bathroom.


Obliterate The Odour

Tackling bathroom odours is a big job. We recommend using two strategies to conquer bathroom smell. First, use something to neutralize and absorb smells such as baking soda, white vinegar, or activated carbon (which you can often buy in the aquarium section of pet stores). Put your chosen neutralizer in a vase or decorative vessel that works with your home décor, and ta da - odours absorbed! Next, introduce a “happy” smell, such as a flowering plant or a candle, to create (not cover) a positive scent in your new bathroom.


Pump Up The Freshness

It seems obvious, but when was the last time you washed your bath mat? How about your shower curtain? These appear to be little things but there are multiple sources for odours in your bathroom, and keeping every one of them on your laundry and cleaning rotation will go a long way. Mop the floors, avoid still water, and keep your bathroom surfaces clear to help prevent the little things from piling up and turning into a big scent problem.


Be Mindful

Lastly, try to be conscious and pay attention to the smells in your bathroom. In Edmonton interior design, every space is unique, so be aware and identify the particular scent issues that could arise in your personal space. Try to look at (and smell) your space as a guest would. It’s much easier to prevent an odour problem than it is to correct one.


Whether you’re just finishing up your renovation, or just about to begin, you’re all set to keep your space fresh and clean. If you’re at the beginning of your journey, take our quiz to see where your taste falls against your renovation budget.