A Family That Cooks Together…

In our previous post, we explored ways to use kitchen design and home decor to make your small kitchen feel bigger. In this post, we want to emphasize why open kitchens really matter in the first place.

Having a space that works for your family facilitates gatherings, and making your kitchen a place where you want to spend time ensures everyone looks forward to cooking and eating together. Since they’re usually the central point of your home, it’s important to have an open kitchen that can handle all of the meals and occasions it will host over the years.

There are hundreds of reasons to invest in your cooking and dining space, and they all prove that the kitchen is the hub of your home. Here are our top four:

Most families get together around meals

Meals bring us together. They’re a reason to communicate, share, and celebrate, and an open kitchen concept helps make sure there’s enough space for everyone to feel included and comfortable. Whether it’s a birthday dinner or just testing out a new recipe, kitchens that are thoughtfully designed and planned contribute to more quality time spent in them.

Entertaining starts in the kitchen

When was the last time you invited guests into your home and didn’t offer them food or drinks? If you’re redoing your kitchen, keep in mind that guests usually end up there. Creating an open space that works for both entertaining and cooking makes it seamless to have a conversation while preparing a meal or mixing a drink.

Kitchens make memories

If you’re like us, thinking about your childhood kitchen triggers happy thoughts. Even if you’re not a big cook, chances are you remember your favourite food or a meal someone special used to prepare, and those memories all started in the kitchen. Having an open kitchen, where your whole family can be together, helps to create more happy memories.

Cooking is sharing

It’s a social thing! Comparing recipes, making snacks for sharing, even packing lunches for the next day – cooking brings people together. We all need to eat, but more than that, kitchens are a shared space. When creating your kitchen layout, try to keep prep areas and open surfaces as large as you can to facilitate a social environment. We say there’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen.