Top 5 “Before and After” Kitchen Renovations


There are some really good reasons why the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of the home” was coined. Think about it.

Firstly, you can’t even functionally call a space a “home” without a kitchen. Secondly, every single member of your family uses it - and in ways beyond just meal preparation. The kitchen is where hearts are spilled over wine, where arguments are created and resolved, where kids drink their alphabet soup and learn to count, and where your friends who have nothing better to do will sit around.

In other words, your kitchen will always be a place of memories so why not make it the most beautiful room in the house? Take a look at the following renovations and makeovers that transformed these kitchens into stunning masterpieces. Click on the old photo to reveal the new look!

From Old and Orange to Sleek and Sexy

Photo Credits: Architectural Digest

Philanthropists Amy and John Phelan wanted to transform their old fashioned wood-based kitchen in Aspen to something more modern and refreshing. Take a look:

From Cramped and Gritty to Cute and Glam

Photo Credits: HGTV

Having a small space doesn’t mean you need to have an ugly kitchen. In fact, your living quarters don’t even have to be new. Take a look at this old apartment kitchen that got gutted and transformed into a gem.

From Great-Grandma’s Kitchen to Celebrity Showhome

Photo Credits: HGTV

Could this kitchen look anymore dated? The cabinets, the floors, the counters and the lighting just scream vintage shop - and not in a good way. The owners of this home were blessed with a kitchen makeover that transformed their home in a big, big way.

From Frumpy to French

Photo Credit: Southern Living

Just because you prefer a traditional look for your kitchen doesn’t mean that it needs to look worn out and tired. Here’s an example of a space that’s been overhauled from its dark 80’s feel into a quaint, old-style French kitchen.

From Confused to Cohesive

Photo Credits: Huffington Post

Just because your cabinets are the same colour doesn’t mean that your kitchen looks put together. Take a look at how this kitchen was brought to life with a cohesive design plan that took everything into account including cabinets, floors, counters, appliances and chairs!

If these transformations have fueled your creative juices, you’re in the right place. Let’s get you chatting with a designer who knows what they’re doing. Or, if you’re feeling more DIY at the moment, check out these 5 amazing interior-design apps that’ll help you start planning your own kitchen renovation or makeover.

If you’re looking to spark your creativity further, take a look at our top 20 kitchen inspirations to get you thinking about your own kitchen style, and our extensive portfolio!