The 4 Best Interior Design Apps to Jump Start Your Renovation

Are you looking for tools to help you get your renovation rolling?

Even if you aren’t ready to start a full bathroom remodel, or pull the trigger on a kitchen renovation right away (or even any time soon) there are tons of resources out there to help you with your decisions, plans, and ideas at any phase of your renovation journey.

One of the best ways to get the ball rolling is to start with a few key interior design apps. The apps on the market today can do anything from help you organize your ideas to help you visualize how art will work within your new space (often before you even have walls to hang it on). In fact, all the remodelling and renovation apps available at can seem quite daunting to sift through and figure out which features you actually need and will want to use.

We compiled our top 4 so you won’t have to.

If you’re looking to get a feel for how much your bathroom will cost before you start your house remodelling, check out our renovation cost guide.

1. The app that lets you identify (and match) any colour


Meet Adobe Capture CC.

Key features: Create colour themes, capture, and save colours from your day to day that inspire you.

How it helps: Past a cool window display with a pink sweater and a green bag that would make a great bathroom accent palette? Inspired by a colour scheme you saw at a café? With Adobe Capture CC, you can grab the colours you see that you love and store at match them on your phone for use in a future renovation project. And as an added bonus, you can also use the app to identify fonts, create shapes, and unleash your inner designer.

2. The app with a mega database of house remodelling and renovation ideas


Get the Houzz app.

Key features: Access a database of 16 million crisp and clear photos to inspire your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom – you get the gist.

How it helps: You’ll always have inspiration at your fingertips. What’s more, you’ll have super relevant and specific information that’ll help you sort through renovation projects, design trends, and house remodelling ideas to quickly find what you need to influence your own space.

3. The app that visually represents the vibe you want to create


Enter Morpholio Board.

Key features: Create mood boards and visualize how elements will interact within a room.

How it helps: Make a mood board and create a collage of everything you want to pull together. Not only will this app help you compile the colours and themes that inspire you, it’ll also show you how all the elements you like interact with each other. Nifty.  

4. The app that lets you rework your floor plan


Check out: magicplan.

Key features: Allows you to furnish and annotate your floor plan with your fingers and even generate potential job estimates and product price lists!

How it helps: Don’t feel restricted by the floorplans that were given to you. This is your space - put up walls, take them down, turns things on their head. Save your plans to your device, upload them to the cloud or share them with other users on your reno team!

5. BONUS: The app that lets you arrange your art without making any holes in your walls.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 1.22.53 PM.png

Check out Curate.

Key features: Virtually see how art will look in your space.

How it helps: You may be great at visualizing, but having a tool that gives you a to-scale representation of how art is going to look within your space is extremely helpful and frees up more of your time for planning the rest of your renovation. Not to mention, you have a risk-free way to validate your art plans and ideas.

Now you’re all set to begin following the latest design trends, defining your taste, and figuring out what you want out of remodelling your house. That being said, it’s now time to consult with an interior designer to really put the finishing touches on your space, get expert advice and personalized details. Read our latest blog to find out why hiring an interior designer is the way to go when considering a renovation!

Once you’ve started to understand what you’re looking for, the next step is to find out how your plans will come to life. Consider a 3D rendering or check out our pricing guide to get an idea of what to expect.