Looking On The Bright Side

Light. Everyone wants it, but it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why “bright” is at the top of every “Kitchen Inspiration” Pinterest board and renovation wish list.

The most beautiful kitchens usually achieve peak brightness with an optimal blend of natural and artificial lighting. There are many ways to add light to your space, from adding or enlarging windows, changing light fixtures, to even removing barriers that could be blocking existing light sources. If you’re taking on a new kitchen renovation project, read on to discover Jostar’s top reasons to add more light to your kitchen design.

Your kitchen will feel cleaner

With more light, untidy or dirty areas will be easy to spot, making cleaning a breeze. Further, your kitchen will also feel cleaner all the time because great lighting makes your space and home decor look at its best, and there will be no “under the radar” areas where dirt could be lurking.

The new space will look more spacious

Imagine not having any dark corners or shadowy alcoves in your cooking area. Adding more light puts all of your space on display, making your kitchen feel larger and more open. Further, adding windows in your kitchen space will draw the eye outward to add depth, which can help your kitchen appear larger.

Natural light can improve your mood

Specific to Edmonton interior design, it is important to make the most of the little sunlight we do get during the winter months. Great lighting is a start to combatting a winter slump, and there’s something cozy and peaceful about having a great view of bright sunlight against newly fallen morning snow.

Growing will be easy

Houseplants are one of the latest 2017 trends, so the more light you have, the better. Adding more light during your kitchen renovations means you’ll be able to plant your own terrariums, ferns, and even succulents if you are able to bring enough light into your space.

You can have a home garden

The interior design ideas don’t stop at houseplants – bright kitchens mean you may also be able to grow some of your own ingredients. You can’t get more local than growing herbs, fruits, and even veggies right in your own kitchen, and improved lighting will make it happen.

Prioritizing light in your kitchen design is important because it can be extremely difficult to change your lighting once your kitchen renovation is complete. Trust us - a couple years down the road, it will be significantly less invasive to simply upgrade your fixtures or appliances than it will be to add a window.

Great light will never go out of style.

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