Discover the Jostar Secret


Discover the Jostar Secret:
An Interview with Founder Joanna Starko

Successful business owner, Womanition “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2015 and experienced interior designer (with numerous other awards, might we add) are only a few accomplishments under the fashionable belt of Joanna Starko.

The woman behind Jostar Interiors has been transforming and beautifying homes for more than 40 years, and we wanted to learn the secret to her success, and her secret to exceeding a client’s expectations time and time again.

We sat down with Joanna to get to the true heart of this award-winning interior design company: 


What has contributed to your love for interior design over the years?

After being in the interior design field for as long as I have (40 years - wow - can’t believe it!), I still continue to have a passion for creativity! I love the challenge of designing spaces that can fulfill all of a client’s needs, solving design dilemmas, and creating fabulous and functional spaces.

When clients present me with design problems they are struggling with, I find it invigorating. My drive comes from creating solutions that make a client’s life easier. I love what I do. In this ever-changing world, my focus continues to be keeping up with new trends and contributing to the community. I am committed to making a difference!


What inspires you and makes you passionate about being an interior designer?

At Jostar, we pride ourselves in “creating spaces for better places.” Being passionate about going to work with the goal of adding excitement to the lives of my clients is what I look forward to daily.

Whatever their project may be - whether it is simply selecting one needed item for a room or designing a complete renovation - the reward of seeing excitement on their faces, hearing it in their voices, or expressing it in their emotions is what is important to me.

I am so pleased to be able to make a positive impact on the lives of my clients. This is when I know I am successful at my job.  


Why did you start Jostar Interiors?

I wanted to help people beautify their homes.

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Why do you think Jostar has been successful in the interior design industry for 40+ years?

What brings success? It’s simple - doing a great job, one that you can be proud of and one that meets or exceeds client’s needs. Success for Jostar means maintaining our position as leaders in the industry in order to better serve our customers and our designers, and to make the world a more beautiful place.

Business continues to come naturally and I attribute this to continually focusing on the benefits that the products and services of Jostar Interiors bring to our clients.

We are grateful to our many clients who continually give us repeat and referral business. There is no greater compliment to one's work then when a client recommends you to a friend.  


How would you say that Jostar has evolved since it first opened?

Keeping up with what is new and exciting in colours, trends, products, construction techniques and 3D realistic drawings is an ongoing education in the design world. Researching and product knowledge inquiries have always been a part of our daily routine.

With continued training and new knowledge, our design team has an even stronger focus on using sustainable products and green design. This design direction will have a significant impact on our lives and will help to create a healthier world we live in.


What sets Jostar apart from its competitors?

Our complete interior design service covers a very wide scope of work from consultations, space planning, window coverings, unique furnishings, 3D drawings, condo developments, showhomes, to a complete design and build renovation.

This recognizes us as leaders in the industry and the “go to” design company who can provide the expertise required for a seamless start-to-finish project.

We’ve received Top Choice Awards, being recognized as a firm providing outstanding interior design services. It takes much hard work and dedication to receive this recognition.

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What’s the best thing about the Jostar team?

The beauty of owning your own business is that you get to choose the people you work with. In my business, I work with creative people. They inspire me to continue to grow. I am delighted to provide my design team with a platform to apply their talents in the work that they do. The synergy from team collaboration on project produces amazing results which inspires me even more.


Tell us about the design students that you take on at Jostar.

In addition to my design work, I am pleased to be involved with practicum opportunities for design schools such as the University of Alberta, NAIT and international online programs. Mentorship and training programs are useful for encouraging and preparing graduating students for the reality of the interior design world.  


What makes your scope of work as an interior design company broader than most?

At Jostar Interiors, we do both residential and commercial interior design. Our scope of work is very broad, which does set us apart. This is a great advantage for our company and the students, as they are exposed to many different facets of the industry.

Whether it is a residence, an office, or a large complex, our clients appreciate the broad scope of work we provide. Knowing that someone can oversee an entire project takes the worry away. This, along with the fact that we are an award-winning company, is what motivates our clients to work with us. We have received the Consumer Choice Award for 12 consecutive years now.


Finally, what is one of your core values? 

One of my core values is helping clients improve their lives by improving the spaces they live in. Whether their design dilemma is to update one room or redesign an entire home, we have the talent and resources to do it.

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