Space Doctor | Make A Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Kitchens are often near (or at) the top of the list for things homebuyers look for. They’re the central point of a home, where families and guests congregate, and where homeowners usually spend a significant amount of time. Words like bright, airy, functional, and open all come to mind to describe the ideal kitchen space.

But what if your kitchen is on the small side? The nice thing is, none of those words we mentioned necessarily depend on size. There are plenty of tips and tricks to make a small kitchen feel more spacious, helping you make even the littlest of kitchens feel like a perfect fit for you.

To follow are a few go-to tips and interior design ideas from our experts at Jostar to make your small kitchen feel bigger.

Replace solid cabinet doors with glass or transparent ones

Your cabinets have depth. A great way to take advantage of the extra space in your cabinets is to replace solid cabinet doors with a transparent alternative, such as glass. Being able to see all the way back to the walls will make your overhead space feel lighter and more open.

Paint cabinets and walls the same colour

Contrasting your walls and your cabinets draws the eye to the colour boundary and accentuates the divide. Cabinets that match the walls help to draw the eye elsewhere and add to an airy feel in your space.

Limit your stuff

Another great way to keep your kitchen feeling light and open is to have open space. Donate things you don’t need, and try to keep accents like vases, plants, and knick-knacks to a minimum.


Choose furnishings with a small interior design footprint

An oversized kitchen table is the last thing a small kitchen needs. When it comes to home decor, avoid bulky and large furniture that boxes you in, and opt for smaller, sleek, narrow pieces that suit the size of your kitchen.

Use storage units

Nothing shrinks your space like cluttered, out-of-place shelves and cabinets. Jostar has custom solutions for your space and can recommend storage units that will work with your kitchen design and style preferences to give you a kitchen that is organized and functional.

Merge your space into a larger one

Another option involves kitchen renovations to change your space and merge areas of your home such as a kitchen and a dining room. Something simple such as removing the divide between rooms can really open up your space and add to an airy, spacious feel.

Alternately, if you are currently using your kitchen as a cooking and dining area, consider moving your dining furniture to another space (such as an unused dining area or nook) to give your kitchen more room to breathe.

Edmonton interior design is vibrant and thriving, and there are so many resources available to make your small kitchen into your dream kitchen.