How To Eco Boost Your Existing Bathroom

How To Eco Boost Your Existing Bathroom

Think: sustainability.

How does that make you feel?

When we contemplate issues like environmental impact and sustainability within a culture of consumerism, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. It can seem impossible to make big changes, and it’s not feasible to think that we can all just stop driving our cars and start purchasing goods with net-zero impact.

So what to do? As Edmonton interior designers, our best advice is to make as many small changes as you can. Take your bathroom for example - there are tons of little things you can do to slowly work your way toward creating a greener and more sustainable home. If lots of people make as many little changes as they can, together we can make a big difference.

Check out some eco boosting bathroom tips from Jostar below:

Invest in “tiny” updates

One big bathroom trend we’re seeing is a move toward green fixtures. They offer practical, modern style as interior design ideas, and they’re very easy to integrate into your existing space.

You don’t have to remodel your whole bathroom or change your bathroom design to swap out something like your showerhead for a lower-pressure option. 


Turn off the lights 

Remembering to switch off seems so small and insignificant, but a few minutes here and a few minutes there can really add up. If you have multiple light sources in your bathroom, consider investing in one new fixture that produces better light, so you only ever have to have one of them turned on to adequately light your room.

Finally, switch out your bulbs from incandescent to LED. Being mindful with resources is one more little way to make your bathroom a bit more eco friendly.


Recycle bathroom garbage

Do you recycle garbage from your kitchen? How about from your bathroom? In our experience, for some reason recycling drops off when you leave the cooking area. But it doesn’t have to, and bathroom recycling doesn’t have to be cumbersome or ugly.

There are tons of creative vessels for bathroom recycling bins that will work with your home decor, like a decorative vase on your windowsill that holds empty toothbrush packaging until recycling day.


Use non-toxic cleaners

Heavy-duty disinfectants do a great job of killing germs, but interacting with residue and sending the runoff from those products into our water management systems is enough to make us feel uneasy.

A simple solution of vinegar, baking soda, and water can be enough for cleaning standard surfaces, and one of our favourite brands, Green Works, has tons of great products for when your bathroom needs a deeper clean.


Be water smart 

This is where it comes down to routine changes. Turn off the sink while you brush your teeth. Try not to have so many 20-minute showers.

Don’t flush that Kleenex down the toilet. Water is one of our most valuable resources, and we are so lucky to have such wide and easy access to it.

Part of being grateful for where and how we live is respecting the resources that keep us healthy and clean. To bring water consciousness into your space, consider options such as new bathroom sink fittings with improved water efficiency or a low-flush toilet - all available without a full bathroom overhaul.

You aren’t going to end climate change from your bathroom, but any meaningful change starts somewhere. As our founder, Joanna, says, “As interior designers, we are proud to help facilitate the green movement toward sustainable living.” We do our best to think about the environment and be as sustainable as possible with every renovation project – from green product advice, to flooring and cabinets made from recycled materials.

When you’re ready to make bigger changes or take on bathroom renovations, head over to the Jostar Interiors Bathroom Renovation Quiz to get a feel for where your renovation budget should start.