Universal Design for Renovations


When you set out to renovate your bathroom, you will spend a lot of time thinking about how it will look and function for your family or housemates. However, something you may not have considered is universal design. Don’t worry – these standards aren’t in place to make bathrooms look universal. They’re actually highly succinct guidelines to make your bathroom function universally for everyone who may use it, in the safest and most intuitive way possible.


To optimize your bathroom’s function and safety, check out these four helpful tips from the experts at Jostar:

Install grab bars or curbless showers

Whether or not you have mobility concerns, grab bars make showering and bathing a breeze. There is peace of mind in knowing there is a bar in place, especially when you think back to that time you almost slipped getting into the bathtub. Curbless showers also hone in on slipping, as they remove the need to step up to get into your shower. The best part? Curbless showers can look really luxurious, also yielding amazing interior design ideas.

Consider smart storage and hand held showers

Another key element to consider in your home decor is where important items are kept. From reaching a clean towel to reaching the showerhead, you want to make sure all your important items are easy to access for every bathroom user you will welcome. Even as you grow older in your home, you want your design to continue to work for you for as long as you need. The best bathrooms are intuitive, balancing bathroom safety features with beautiful, intelligent design.

Allow enough space for a wheelchair

Next on the list is accessibility. You never know who will visit or if you will ever have to use a wheelchair during your lifetime, so it’s not a bad idea to be prepared, especially when accessibility won’t interfere with your design plans. Wheelchairs need at least five feet of open space to make a complete turn, so extra room in your bathroom design really matters. A bathroom trend we love is a wall-mounted sink, and these elegant fixtures also free up room to allow wheelchair users to access your sink with ease. Installing a seat in your shower is another smart (and comfortable) way to keep your bathroom wheelchair friendly.

Install slip resistant tile and high toilets

Finally, it’s time to consider the function of the last few areas of your bathroom. Opting for a high toilet makes sitting down more comfortable, letting you worry about balance concerns in the design phase, so your guests won’t ever have to. Slip resistant tile also keeps your bathroom safety in check as soon as you walk in the door, and there are tons of gorgeous designs available – making design and function equal priorities in your new space.

Whether you want to grow into your space or be ready to welcome any guest, considering universal design standards during your renovation will make your bathroom smarter, safer and more versatile. Edmonton interior design is all about creating optimal spaces for individual needs, and balancing the right tones and textures with form and function.

To find out more about bathroom renovations and ensure universal design is considered in your next project, download the FREE Jostar Interiors bathroom renovation workbook for even more tips and planning advice!