6 Tips To Make Your Dream Outdoor Space A Reality

Whether you are a new homeowner and itching to get that empty yard started, or just dreaming of revamping your backyard with the unsightly slab of concrete and dying plants, there is no denying a beautiful and functional outdoor space makes your house more appealing and increases its value. Here are six tips that will make your dream outdoor space a reality!

Beautiful new home? Check. Moved in? Check. Now what?

Beautiful new home? Check. Moved in? Check. Now what?

1.    What Is Your Outdoor Space For?

Define your backyard’s purpose and inspiration. Be realistic!


The first thing to consider is how you will be utilizing your outdoor space. Are you envisioning big backyard parties, barbecues and lots of get-togethers, or a private space just for you and your family to unwind? Next, think about your lifestyle – do the kids need a play area? Space for pets? Think about how your outdoor space will complement your lifestyle and how it can accommodate your long-term needs. Of course, your yard will also need upkeep – are you someone who will be hands on maintaining it, or would you prefer a space that requires very little work? When thinking of inspiration, Pinterest is always a good source of ideas. Have something a little more specific in mind but not sure how to bring it to life? The Jostar Interiors designers can create 3D drawings in full colour for you to help you accurately visualize your future space.

2.    Plan, plan, and plan some more!

Careful planning will go a long way in making sure you enjoy your outdoor space in the long run.


The best thing about planning your outdoor space is that you do not need to do it all in one go. You can work on specific areas one at a time, also making it a little easier for your budget. Just ensure you are planning ahead – for example, you might want to hold off on buying new outdoor furniture until all the hardscaping has been set in stone!

3.    Size matters!

In a perfect world, your backyard would have space for everything you want in it!


Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your backyard allows, the size of your outdoor space is really up to you. If not, your outdoor space should be proportionate to your house. This can be as wide as your house, or as long as the house’s height. There really is no rule, so your outdoor space can be as big (or little) as you want it to be!

4.    Landscaping

Concrete jungle, desert greenery, or lush and lavish oasis?


When it comes to plants, are you blessed with a green thumb or can barely keep a cactus alive? If you are a low-maintenance person but still want some kind of greenery, consider low maintenance perennial plants. If not, maybe a concrete zero-scape of tiles and rock slabs are more suited for you. At Jostar Interiors, we have partnered with Ames Tile & Stone to supply our clients with leading-edge tiles for any space — indoor or outdoor — that are good to -50 degrees Celsius – perfect for our Edmonton weather!

5.    Furnishing

Your outdoor space is starting to shape up!


Acquiring furnishing for your outdoor space means you are steps away from completion and can soon enjoy the fresh air! As you develop a plan and start putting ideas together, keep our lovely Edmontonian weather in mind. Take note your outdoor space will only be used approximately six months out of the year, so you may want to invest in furniture that can handle all the sun, snow, and maybe even some hail! If not, do you have space available (for example, a shed) to store your outdoor furniture in during the winter? When choosing furniture, don’t be afraid to use different materials and fabrics. Using a mix of different materials such as wicker, glass and plastic can create a customized look and personality. As for fabrics, colors and different textures can liven up your outdoor seating space. Already have existing furniture but want to update its look? Jostar Interiors can reupholster that outdoor umbrella, or that old outdoor seating set to make it look brand new. For a list of all of our services, click here!

6.    Talk to a Designer

All this planning a little too much to handle? You are not alone!


We understand there are many factors to consider when undertaking a project — especially when time and money are involved – but fear not, our Jostar Interior designers are here to help with every step of the way! Still on the fence? Here are 10 reasons why you should hire an interior designer for your next project.

Ready to get your outdoor space project going? Let’s chat!