Behind the Scenes: A Practicum Experience at Jostar Interiors

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In the past, simply having a good academic standing was enough to qualify you for a decent job. In today’s world, however, good grades just don’t make the cut. When it comes to securing employment, companies want to make sure you can apply what you have studied and put it into practice. Practicums allow students to experience real hands-on situation with the best businesses in the industry, and when it comes to companies that offer comprehensive on-the-job experiences for new grads, Jostar Interiors is certainly on the top of the list.

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I completed the Interior Design Technology program at Lakeland College Vermilion, Alberta. Because they are an NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) accredited college, I wanted to choose a company who was also well aware of and active with the NKBA.

Jostar has several accreditations and awards which made selecting them as a practicum placement an easy choice. All of the ladies who work here at Jostar are the most caring people you could ask for. They truly wanted to help me, their practicum student, to understand how this industry works. With 40 years of experience behind them, they sure had a lot to offer me! From paper work and client consultations to collaborating with other trades, the Jostar team has taught me all of the real-life skills that are vital to survive in this industry. Not only are the staff wonderful people, but the individuals who they work with are as well. Jostar has built great relationships with other contractors who are very skilled and proud of what they do. With a combination of dedicated, talented, and sympathetic team members, all of their projects result in masterpieces. You can tell by the vast amount of returning customers that the service here is impeccable.

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Because Jostar Interiors offer a wide range of services, work here stays interesting. I got a feel for a little bit of everything. I love that I have been able to put all of the knowledge I gained at Lakeland College to use and apply it to everyday situations. Not only did I get to explore different design challenges and use my creativity, I was also allowed a great deal of independence while working. Once I was instructed on what to do and how to go about tackling a project, I was able to challenge myself and be self-reliant. The trust and freedom given to me was much appreciated. As a student I felt valued and respected. It is rare to find such a perfect place to work.

Now that I have completed my practicum, I have proudly joined the staff of Jostar Interiors.  My career couldn’t be off to a better start! The ladies here will be by my side to help me become great designers just like them. My goal is to continue with Jostar for as long as I can.

Jostar Interiors was at the top of my list when looking for a practicum and it is still at the top of my list when it comes to incredible businesses and astonishing design.