Five Simple Tricks To Add More Storage To Your Bathroom

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: storage is one of the most important parts of your bathroom design. Clutter can disrupt even the most elegant room, so be sure to think about your storage needs before starting your bathroom renovation or home decor change.

Read on to learn our five favourite tips to easily increase your bathroom storage, and optimize what your space can do for you.

Use walls for more

Storage doesn’t have to be complicated. A floating shelf beside your mirror, a wall cabinet in an unused area, or even a magnet board can be great options to turn your empty walls into storage solutions.

Slide your stuff into place

Adding sliding drawers in cabinets is a great way to create smarter storage for your bathroom items. Sliding drawers help make the most of deep cabinets, and because bathroom items are usually small, sliding storage helps ensure nothing gets lost in the depths.

Waste no space

From an unused alcove to an awkward corner, another great way to add storage in your bathroom is to create a customized unit. Even adding a small ledge above a mirror or an extra shelf inside a tall cabinet can be effective in creating more storage areas.

Be different

In Edmonton interior design, not all storage solutions have to be conventional. There are endless interior design ideas, so get creative! Maybe it’s a step ladder that you’ll paint and convert into a free-standing shelf, or maybe you’ll create your own storage unit out of some old wooden crates – don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make your space unique.

Hang it up

Finally, adding pegs or hooks is a simple and efficient way to boost your bathroom’s storage capabilities. Hanging your styling tools, your towels, and your toiletry bags keeps them neat, accessible, and helps keep your surfaces clear.

No matter what bathroom style you have (or want to create), Jostar has ideas and solutions to make even the most cluttered space functional and smart.

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