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WOW Moment: 10 Bathroom Wallpapers That Did NOT Disappoint

If you’re taking on Edmonton interior design or bathroom renovations, you may be wondering how to infuse your personality into your home decor without cluttering your space. Wallpaper is a great way to add texture, pattern, and make a statement. The right choice of wallpaper in your bathroom can be an alternative to humidity-sensitive art, and because bathrooms are one of the smaller rooms in your home, you can do something bold without overwhelming your space.

This isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper – check out ten of our favourite designs.

floral wallpaper

We love the elegant simplicity of this space and the juxtaposition of the sharp brick shape with the sweeping lines of the floral pattern.

fish wallpaper

Here, we love both the pattern and the placement. Wallpaper like this is great for any home because it takes advantage of small, unused walls, and adds a pop of interest that makes the bathroom truly unique.

wild wallpaper

In this space, we love that the homeowners used a pattern that is a little bit wild. With your own space, it’s important to infuse your own personal style. Bicycles, cats, outer space – the wallpaper possibilities are endless!

books wallpaper

These walls are all about visual interest. The all-over print works because it isn’t too busy, and the all white scheme keeps the space feeling bright and clean.

grey wallpaper

Who says wallpaper has to be whimsical? Wallpaper like this is a great way to add texture to your space and balance smooth surfaces.

whimsical wallpaper

The wallpaper climbing around the curve of the wall looks amazing and makes the pattern really pop. This is a great way to add depth and boost character.

tropical wallpaper

In this bright, quirky bathroom it’s all about that all-over print. You bathroom should flow with the rest of your home, but because the space is so much smaller, sometimes you can get away with making a big splash with some adventurous wallpaper like the one pictured here.


Look no further for dressy, glamorous interior design ideas. We love that this bathroom design shows the luxurious side of wallpaper, and demonstrates how easy it is to use wallpaper to set the tone for your space.

polka dot wallpaper

In this large bathroom, we love the use of pattern to interrupt an otherwise ordinary room.

metallic wallpaper

Finally, wallpaper is a great way to continue a monochrome colour scheme, but keep your space interesting. Metallic effects are soft and subtle, but create just the right amount of intrigue in the bathroom.

When you need to find the perfect wallpaper, Jostar has products and advice for any bathroom renovation project.

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Bathroom Planning: Which Sink Will Work Best For You?

When you’re starting out on bathroom renovations, you’ll be faced with selecting a sink style. With so many designs available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your choices. That’s why we created this little guide to help you navigate your options and identify what will and will not work for your lifestyle.

The Bare Necessities

As a natural minimalist, you have your options open when it comes to sink styles. If you don’t need a lot of products or items for your daily routine and you won’t need to share your sink area, consider doing something striking and unique like a vessel sink. Vessel sinks are bowls or basins that sit on the counter and give you a beautiful, modern bathroom design. They’re a great way to keep your bathroom aesthetic clean and minimal, but also add just the right amount of intrigue.

All Hands On Deck

With bathrooms for the whole family, storage is key. Stay away from pedestal sinks and console sinks that look sleek, but lack cabinets, drawers, and surface space. Instead, opt for a storage-oriented option above your base bathroom cabinets like a self-rimming sink that will sit right on the counter and make your home decor classic and easy to maintain.

Bathroom For Two

Couples need more storage options when they share a bathroom, so it’s best to opt for sink styles that are elegant and bold, but without compromising functionality. Vanities with storage cabinets below, or even double sinks (if you have space) are great interior design ideas for couples.

Beauty Queen

If you love makeup, skincare, and beauty products and you’re always eager to try the latest trends, you’re going to need a lot of surface space. Stay away from pedestals that don’t give you a lot of room to put down brushes and lipsticks as you go, and consider an undermount sink instead. Undermount sinks are completely seamless with counters, and are extremely easy to wipe down. They look great, give you full access to rest items on the side of your sink, and optimize all your surface area as well.

Kids Zone

Kids usually have a small amount of products to store, but they can make a big mess with the few products they do use. Wall-mounted sinks are a great option for children’s bathrooms because they are so easy to clean, and they keep floor space open for step stools, bath toys, and extra bottles of no-tears shampoo.

In Edmonton, interior design is about personalized function, and there’s a sink for every lifestyle. Now that you know what sink style suits you best, Jostar can help you begin your bathroom renovation and bring you closer to your best space.