Pulling Power: Clever Drawer Tactics To Declutter Your Home

Whether it’s a drawer full of twist ties, rubber bands, and miscellaneous keys in your kitchen, or a drawer bursting with nail polish and tester-sized lotions in your bathroom, there are ways to stop the cycle and correct cluttered drawers throughout your home.

Invest in drawer organizers

This seems like a trivial solution – but trust us! They really work. You can even make your own by fitting different sized boxes together. Sure, it only takes a second to neatly place something in an open drawer, but that way of thinking is usually out the window when you’re running late. In the bedroom, try dividing your sport socks from your dress socks or tights to create a more organized feel.

Designate spaces

There’s nothing worse than looking for something for hours, only to find it in the wrong room. Planning your drawers with designated spaces will help cut down the chaos. For example, if you’re always finding your hairbrush in the living room, the problem could be that you don’t have a designated space to store your brush in a bathroom drawer.

Be practical

So you’re planning to walk to the kitchen to put your keys away in their new spot every time you come home? Try to keep in mind that drawer organization should make things easier for you, not work against your natural movement. Be practical with the commitments you’re going to need to make to maintain your organization. In the entryway, add a side table or bench with drawers and create compartments inside for your essentials like keys, a lint roller, and the dog’s leash to stop clutter from migrating to other rooms.  


If you spend a lot of time organizing, but don’t communicate to your spouse or family what the new systems are, your hard work could go to waste. Get everyone involved with the planning and organization process to make sure they all buy in and contribute to the most impactful solutions. For example, talk about your kitchen design and storing items in drawers where it makes the most sense like resealable bags near the fridge or spices near your prep space.

Don’t let clutter build

Long-term decluttering takes trial and error. Try to stop and think about why clutter is happening and keep only what you really need in problem spaces. If you have a kitchen drawer that won’t stay organized, think about how many items in the drawer you actually use. Remove what you don’t need (hint: you don’t need to save soy sauce packets), and free up compartments for the essentials. You don’t always have to do kitchen renovations to make a big difference in how your cooking space feels.



We know that in Edmonton, interior design needs to be functional and beautiful. It’s hard to get organized all at once, so our best advice is to start planning and making small changes so the task is less daunting, one drawer at a time. If you have any questions about organization or interior design ideas throughout your home, Jostar is fully equipped to help. Our experts love creating personalized spaces and kitchens, so you can live easier.