dream kitchen

Dream Kitchens: Five Kitchens We All Wish We Could Cook In

There are some things kitchen renovations can change… and some things they can’t. In Edmonton interior design, it’s important to spot existing potential and look for permanent features to accentuate in order to make the most of your kitchen renovation or home decor change.


Here are our five top drool-worthy kitchen design ideas and why we love them.

Windows as a backsplash


We adore these large bright windows that let in tons of natural light, making the space airy and open. Windows like these aren’t easy to create from scratch, so be sure to be on the lookout for existing light when you’re looking at new kitchens or considering an update.

The ultimate pantry

kitchen pantry

Not all homes have the square footage to allow for a pantry of this scale, but there’s nothing like an over-the-top feature to spark bold interior design ideas. The storage room pictured here is great because you can easily see all your ingredients, and the opportunities for recipe ideas and creative twists are endless.

Mile-high ceiling


We love home decor that maximizes the best parts of what a space has to offer. The kitchen design here accentuates the high ceilings and makes a stunning, glamorous statement. We’d love to prepare a Sunday brunch over those dreamy cabinets.  

Outdoor chef


Now we realize a kitchen like this isn’t feasible in Edmonton, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. The sleek lines, modern finishes, and muted colours in the kitchen pictured here create an elegant design and really make us wish we could grill a delicious meal in this outdoor space.  

Skylight heaven


The skylights here aren’t easy to add to your space, but they make an incredible focal point for the lucky owner of this home. The playful mix of copper and gold is intriguing, and the beautiful windows help create an area where we would look forward to preparing big family meals, or a late night snack under the stars.

At Jostar, we care about making the most of your particular space and creating a kitchen that is entirely your own.