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Trending Now | Interior Style To Watch Out For In 2017

If you’re planning kitchen renovations or an interior design change in the new year, you’re going to want to know what the latest trends and styles will be. There’s nothing worse than seeing an incredible new look in Edmonton interior design and thinking to yourself “I should have done that”. So don’t worry – Jostar has you covered.

Here are our tips and predictions for the next big design trends to make a splash in 2017:

Colour and patterns

2016 was all about monochrome, so we think it’s about time for a change. We’re excited about patterned tiles for backsplashes, and even bright, bold accents for unique and beautiful home decor. If there’s a colour or pattern you love, we say go for it.

Two-tone cabinets and finishes

Who says you can only have one? More and more, we’re starting to see interior design ideas with upper and lower cabinets of different colours and even a mix of finishing options. Different metallic features can look amazing together, so we see no reason to force them apart.

Earthy elements

Again, we’ve seen a lot of wood and brick in previous years. While we love the open brick/barn door look, 2017 may be a time to welcome new textures and elements. Consider terracotta accents or hints of cork to give your space warmth and texture in a new and fun way.

Innovative technology features

As technology continues to advance at an incredible rate, our advice is to pay attention to the latest innovations and consider them in planning your kitchen. For example, sinks with touch sensors have really taken off, so make sure you allow room above your sink to accommodate a taller faucet. We don’t know what the next big breakthrough will be, but giving your appliances room is a great step to make sure you’re ready for innovation in years to come.

Customized options and creative layouts

There are no rules that say you must put your oven near your sink. In 2017, we expect to see more families pay attention to what they use their spaces for, and then design around their personal needs. Perhaps you want a customized storage island for your specialty baking supplies, or maybe you want to add a nook that will double as a homework area. Your kitchen should make your life easier, so we say anything goes.

Always remember, your kitchen design should be a reflection of you. We believe in personal style, and the best kitchens are those that suit the needs of those who will use it! When you’re ready to start your new kitchen, we’re here to help.