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Trending Now | Jostar’s Top 20 Kitchen Inspirations

Nothing gets our creativity flowing like a beautiful, functional kitchen design. From Edmonton interior design to homes across the globe, fall kitchen inspiration can strike anywhere! Here are the top 20 kitchens from around the world that have peaked our interest at Jostar lately.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any spur-of-the-moment “research” trips or demolition costs associated with sudden inspiration from reading this post!



We love this Moroccan space because it looks so unique. The open shelves add depth to this space, and the detailing on the cabinets makes us want to get creative with wood carving!



This kitchen in Japan is a great example of how a small space can feel huge. Modern elements and the contrast of clean lines and curves create visual intrigue.



Maintaining the authenticity of the space is what draws us to this beautiful kitchen in Greece. We love the juxtaposition of the playful appliances with traditional stone elements.



We love that the design behind this South African space used the high ceilings and natural light to accentuate what this space organically had to offer.



This space in Thailand is actually a restaurant, but those light fixtures are making us want to move in!



A good island makes a huge difference, and we love that the kitchen design flows seamlessly into the dining area and living area. Imagine the dinner parties in this Icelandic space!


We love the minimal home decor and the smart seating at this island. What’s more, we love that this design lives in Canada!



This tiny home in America goes to show that a great layout can make any kitchen feel spacious.



Pops of colour in the home decor and sleek, luxurious design are making us swoon for this Brazilian dream.



Clean lines and hidden storage make this Paris kitchen stunning. We love the understated look, and the elegance of the white, cool colour scheme.



This dreamy stovetop in Sweden is a ten in our books.



This compact kitchen in Russia inspires us with neutral colours that feel warm. We love that this tiny kitchen feels so functional!



China Kitchen Inspiration

The custom brick in this wine bar in China is the perfect balance of whimsy and bold design.



This Nordic space may have you thinking of Europe, but it’s right here in Canada! We love the open-faced storage, and that sink made our jaws drop.



We love the colour and unique design flair of this amazing Mexican kitchen.



The open, airy feel of this kitchen in Indonesia is enough to make us consider doing away with traditional cabinets altogether.



We love the mix of dark wood and steel together in bright spaces, and this Australian cooking area is no exception.



This luxurious kitchen that belongs to one lucky American family has as green with envy. Who says you'll need overhead cabinets?



We love the mix of materials in this space, and the balance of rustic and modern components makes this kitchen in Spain one of our top picks.



Colourful, chic, and charming, this space in Jamaica makes us want to embrace pink doors with open arms!