5 Simple Tips On How To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

The ideas of sustainability and sustainable living have been trending for a few years, but we’ve recently started to see a real shift in the Edmonton interior design world toward designing with sustainability in mind. When it comes to kitchens, in particular, there are a number of eco-friendly design options and interior design ideas that can help contribute to your kitchen’s sustainability.

The list below includes five of our top kitchen renovations, interior design, and lifestyle tips for a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious space.

Switch your light bulbs to LED

LED bulbs are more popular and accessible than ever, and they come in many different styles for your home decor needs - from Edison to a chandelier. These mercury-free bulbs last longer, are not nearly as expensive as they used to be, and will save you money on your energy bill!

Select fixtures that will use less water

Water is one of our most valuable resources, and conserving it will only become more imperative in years to come. Being mindful of your water usage now will put you ahead of the curve as the trend progresses, and being water wise will help make your kitchen more environmentally friendly.  


Choose finishes that are recyclable and made of recycled materials

Finishes that are created from recycled elements and easily recycled at the end of their lifespan help to improve sustainability and reduce the waste your kitchen produces. When it comes to home decor options, ensure things like sealants and stains are made with as few chemicals as possible to reduce your impact even further.

Buy local

Sourcing materials from local businesses (or at least from Canadian manufacturers or outlets) as much as possible is a great way to support your community and ensure your materials contribute to an eco-friendly kitchen. Being environmentally conscious means thinking about your impact at all phases of your kitchen design and/or renovation process.


Use nontoxic cleaners

Brands such as method offer a range of nontoxic options. You can also make your own cleaning products with white vinegar or baking soda. Why cover your new, environmentally friendly surfaces in toxic chemicals? Also remember, your kitchen doesn’t need to smell like harsh chemicals or artificial lemon scent to be clean.

At Jostar, we think kitchens should be beautiful above and below the surface. Creating your kitchen space with sustainable design in mind is a great way to start making your home function better for the planet and better for you.