Renting? Eight Easy Ways To Make Your Space Your Own

If you’ve experienced Edmonton rentals, you know there are some drawbacks when it comes to what you can and can’t do with your home decor plans and interior design ideas. It can be frustrating when you don’t have full control over your home’s permanent elements. That’s where Jostar can help. There are easy things you can do to make a rental space feel like you own it (all without jeopardizing your security deposit too).

Here are our top tips:

In the bedroom


You’ll have to clear it with your landlord, but adding a fresh coat of paint that suits your bedroom furniture and textiles is a great way to feel more at home. If you can’t paint, try covering a wall with a tapestry or a fabric panel to hide something like an accent colour that doesn’t suit you.


Update window coverings

Window coverings can feel like a permanent part of your space (even if they aren’t) and are a great way to make your bedroom unique, especially if your rental doesn’t come with them already. Choose coloursand prints you love, and pull complementary tones into the rest of your bedroom to unify your space.

In the living room

Add houseplants

Adopting plants can completely change the tone of a room. Bring a boring space back to life with a row of succulents on a windowsill, or pick up a leafy fig tree to fill an awkward corner.

Upgrade your furniture

Adding a couple new furniture pieces selected specifically for your living room can help you “own” the space and work with what you can’t change.


In the bathroom

Hang wall art

A simple framed photo, vintage wall cabinet, or your favourite mirror can help you claim an often forgotten area: rental bathrooms. Just stay away from anything sensitive to humidity!

Focus on the details

All the little things in a bathroom from shower curtain hooks to a toilet paper roll holder go a long way to infuse your personality in the space.

In the kitchen

Take off your cabinet doors

If you know your way around a toolbox but can’t do full kitchen renovations, removing cabinet doors can open up your space and give you total freedom over what’s on display. Just remember to put them back up when you move out! Be mindful of clutter, but you can even tape wallpaper or textiles to the back of the cabinets for an extra pop of colour and personality.

Add shelves and storage

Try hanging a removable shelf (if you’re allowed to put holes in the wall) to show off your favourite vase, or add a little storage cart (if you have room) to serve coffee or cocktails from. Making space for the things you love will help your rental kitchen design feel more like your own.


Always double-check your rental agreement before making any changes to your space. If you run into any problems, one of the best things you can do is have a conversation with your landlord about what doesn’t work for you. The worst thing they can do is say no.