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Dining Areas: What Seating Arrangement Is Right For You?

If you’re planning to start your Edmonton kitchen renovations this spring, it will be crucial for you to decide on a dining area seating arrangement that is right for your lifestyle. There are many styles and options available, each corresponding to a particular set of dining needs based on the daily activities that occur both inside and outside of your home.

The best kitchens balance great design with functional form, so you can use the following guide for kitchen inspiration to help you select a seating arrangement that is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Counter Height Table

The Lifestyle: Compact homes that don’t require lots of seating.

High tables tend to be elegant and sophisticated. They are great for small homes and condos with more compact layouts because they take advantage of vertical space rather than horizontal space. A high-top table arrangement is best for young professionals and couples who don’t require lots of seating and want to create an upscale feel without adding large, cumbersome furniture to their design.

Bonus Booth

The Lifestyle: Busy homes that contain multiple seating areas.

A bonus booth is a great addition to kitchens and homes with multiple eating areas. Adding a booth to your kitchen design is also a great way to take advantage of an unused nook or alcove. Booths are an ideal fit for large families, and they can allow for two separate dining areas, so there can be a pizza study session at the bonus booth, and a cozy dinner party at the primary dining area.

Classic Table

The Lifestyle: Traditional family dining.

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. A classic height kitchen table with traditional dining chairs is well suited for small families, or young couples creating a kitchen to grow into. Edmonton interior design is all about infusing personality and personalized needs, so classic doesn’t have to mean boring when it comes to your dining seating. Jazz up your home decor with unique centerpieces, or even consider trying out mismatched dining chairs for a completely unique look.

Bar or Island

The Lifestyle: On-the-go diners who only need smaller in-home seating options.

You may not need a typical kitchen table at all to create the perfect dining area for your lifestyle. Singles or busy young professionals that don’t often host or eat at home may benefit from simpler interior design ideas for dining such as a cozy bar or dining area, which can then free up extra living space.

Large Dining Benches

The Lifestyle: Social homes that often host large crowds requiring group seating options.

Do you often have large crowds at your dining table? Have you ever hosted an entire little league team? If so, you may way to consider a kitchen table with bench seating. Benches are ideal for busy families that are growing or households that do a lot of hosting because it’s easy to cozy up or spread out without having to count chairs. Benches can seat a lot of kids comfortably, and a natural wood or statement colour bench seating solution can liven up your kitchen renovation too!

The right seating arrangement depends entirely on you and your unique dining needs. When you need help choosing an arrangement, Jostar is always just a phone call away.

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