urban timber

Urban Timber Reclaimed Wood Co.

We recently visited Urban Timber Reclaimed Wood Co.
for a breakfast & learn!

My first impression when I walked in was “That dog is so cute!”. Yes, they have their very own adorable boxer dog that greets you when you enter. And her name is Munch! If the dog isn’t enough to warm your heart, when you look up you can see beautiful reclaimed and re-purposed wood everywhere. The brick wall adds to the feel-good vibe of the building. And the staff is incredibly friendly. The entire atmosphere makes you feel right at home.

The staff walked us through the showroom, explaining what kind of products they had that they could offer our clients. We started with furniture: wood tables, metalwork, and expert craftsmanship. There were some custom-built pieces in the showroom that really wowed us!

Then they showed us Timber Tiles in various patterns. There were wall tiles made from reclaimed barn wood, hardwood flooring, and wood boats. There were herringbone patterns, mosaic square patterns, and linear patterns. The herringbone was my favourite! And as a bonus, they are sealed so that you can use them in a kitchen as a backsplash! There were also a variety of colours available.

Next, we looked at some of their beautiful options for hardwood flooring. You can see from the pictures that reclaimed wood flooring is definitely a feature piece that will have everyone talking! It is as durable as it is unique. The flooring is also low maintenance, and easy to finish yourself! It is available in different species of wood and different finishes, plank widths, as well as textures.

So why reclaimed wood? What is so special about it that we can’t stop talking about it? For starters, it is a natural wood product. Mother nature has a way of making natural products beautiful and unique. Secondly, It is a great way to re-purpose a great natural resource. It is also a great alternative solution for old barns. Rather than burning them down, you can have them re-made into something incredible! We are so excited to be working with these fabulous people and their incredible product!