Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything: When Is The Best Time
To Start Your Bathroom Renovation?


Excited to start your bathroom renovation?

The bathroom can be one of the most tranquil areas of your home, but all of the moving parts of a remodel can be stressful. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you start thinking about when you can or should get started on a redesign.

Though “ASAP” might be what you have in mind, there are many considerations to think about – from what season to renovate in to what time works best with your budget.

Check out all of our bathroom renovation timing tips below.


When you want to start demolition ≠ when your renovation begins

With a new bathroom design project, there is tons of planning, ordering, selecting, quoting, measuring, and double checking that happens before you say goodbye to that old lino.

When you start your renovation is at least a few weeks before anything tangible and physical happens in your home, so keep the planning phase in mind when you think about timing your project.


The “busy” times may surprise you

Even if you want to start home renovations in Edmonton during a typically busy time, you should also consider taking advantage of the “less busy” times for renovating (like the dead of winter or around holidays).

As planning takes a few weeks, and your bathroom won’t be out of commission right away, you can get an early start, beat the rush, secure your favourite designer’s time before they completely book up, and still get your renovation done when you want.

For example, replacing your bathroom windows is typically a summer project, but if you start the planning phase in early spring, you’ll be ahead of the curve when summer rolls around.


There are ways to budget smarter

The next piece is your budget.

This can be one of the most stressful parts of a new renovation or home decor project, but it doesn’t have to be. Interior design in Edmonton is about solutions, customization, and finding the right fit.

Our best advice is to talk to your designer early, as they have tons of money-saving tips and tricks, and can help create a timeline that works for your schedule and your wallet.


Plan for some time without the functionality of your space

Move your day-to-day items to your other bathroom(s), spend a few nights with family, or even check into a hotel for a little “stay-cation”. It sounds inconvenient now, but a little sacrifice during your project is more than worth the end result.

We promise.

Even smaller projects take time, so make arrangements and prepare to be without full use your bathroom for part of your project, and work your personal schedule into your renovation timeline too.

Once you’re ready, Jostar’s Bathroom Budget Calculator is a good place to start. You’ll discover where your design tastes lie, and start the process toward planning your new bathroom.