10 Window Treatment Trends in 2019


This year, vertical blinds will be replaced by sleek, modern panel track blinds.

Why are window treatments important?

For some, window treatments are the last thing to consider when decorating the home. However, when thought out carefully, the difference can be night and day (no pun intended) in how you can get more enjoyment out of your home. With the right window treatments, you can keep out unwanted cold or heat (and therefore saving you money), keep out your neighbor’s prying eyes, be protected from the sun’s rays, increase your homes value, and make your home look more polished and professionally designed. Lastly, investing in quality window treatments is important for longevity. No one wants to replace their window treatments yearly! There are many types of window treatments to choose from, from blinds, to shades, to dramatic drapery. To see which ones may be right for you, we broke down the different window treatment types here: 5 Window Coverings That Will Change Your Life

Ready for some window treatment inspiration? Read on!


1.       Wood is in!

More specifically, bamboo. Bamboo roll-up blinds can add a relaxed feel to any space while being able to block out plenty of light. It is also neutral and natural-looking, so make sure to decorate with natural materials and plenty of plants in the room.

Photo source: Hunter Douglas

Photo source: Hunter Douglas

2.       New Neutrals

Charcoal or slate!


3.       Dress it up with a valence or curtains

Give some personality to a room with a valence or drapery. With so many ready made or custom options you can create a unique and personalized look.



5.       Combine trends for maximum WOW!

Yes, you can layer blinds AND curtains together to create maximum impact for your windows. For example, wooden shades look good against white or sheer drapes and creates contrast and texture in any room.


6.       Contrast Curtains

Contrasting curtains create a distinct look to any room and can mesh with just about any design style, from traditional to contemporary. Pair strong or brightly-coloured curtains with warm neutral ones to create an effortless look.

Photo source: Hunter Douglas

Photo source: Hunter Douglas

7.       Floor to Ceiling

Have limited space? Do not be afraid to implement floor to ceiling window treatments, no matter how small your windows are! This treatment creates the optical illusion of making the smallest of spaces appear larger (by elongating the wall) and more expensive.



8.       Sheer Shades or Curtains

Sheer shades are the perfect window treatment for spaces that need natural light in, such as an office or a playroom. You can customize this by choosing a color that complements the space, and don’t be afraid to go floor to ceiling for maximum impact.


9.       Shutters


Shutters are classic window treatments that will never go out of style and can probably last a lifetime. White shutters allow natural light to filter through, while at the same time blocking out enough sun to keep your home cool. There are also darker wooden shutters that are perfect for that traditional vintage feel.

10.   Aero Roller Blinds

These updated and modern roller blinds give a sleek minimalist look to any space.

Photo source: Hunter Douglas

Photo source: Hunter Douglas

11.   Custom Curtains or Blinds


Consider investing in custom curtains or blinds if the curtains you find off the racks fail to tickle your fancy. Here at Jostar Interiors, we are certified Hunter Douglas dealers and can customize blinds to just about any size, colour, material, style, and pattern to suit your room’s specific needs. With customized window treatments, you don’t have to worry about having the same blinds as your neighbor!