Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

Kitchens have become much more than an area for food preparation and storage. Today, they have evolved to be multi-functional spaces in the centre of our homes, with designs strongly representational of our identities and lifestyles. With styles and trends always changing, we like to stay up-to-date on the hottest “must-haves” so that we can deliver them to you.

Read on to discover the top five trends you can expect to see in kitchens in 2018 (maybe even your own!)

Masculine and moody

Photo Credit:  Design Milk

Photo Credit: Design Milk

This is probably one of the fastest growing design trends as of late. Warm, dark, masculine feels contribute to the luxurious vibes of your kitchen space. You’ll see several shades of grey, both warm and cool, and the use of black as a supporting accent colour. Matte finishes are preferred, stainless-steel appliances are built-in, and grid motifs recur.  

Light colours are making their way out while these darker tones are slowly making their way back in.

Pro Tip: Mix in some lighter accessories to help accent the dark tones.

Gold finishes and accents

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

old accenting has been on-trend for a while now, but in 2018 you’ll see gold being integrated with other neutral colours like light khaki tones, creams, and greys in cabinetry and shelving.

There also seems to be an increased demand for gold accents on the covers of burners for gas cooktops and ranges, interestingly. 

Multipurpose kitchen islands

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Kitchen islands have been moving in this direction for a while now but as of today, they have become one of the major focal points of design in a house. How many times have you seen a huge, luxurious island on HGTV and immediately added it to you wish list? Probably more than once!

Islands do much more than just offering counter space; today, they include sleek built-in cooktops, drawer space, wine racks, and bookshelves. The possibility for how your own island can look is endless with a variety of different options that encompass different stones, textures and colours. 

Wood flooring

wood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a design option that has managed to maintain its charm throughout the years. In 2018, herringbone is still very much on trend, adding refinement and softness to the otherwise cool industrial motif we see so often.

Pro Tip: The best part about wood flooring is how elegantly it can tie together your existing space. Opt for wood flooring that flows throughout the entirety of your main floor - this helps open up the entire area, making it appear larger and more cohesive.  

Smart kitchens

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Technology has found a way to seep into every part of the modern kitchen. Motion sensor-equipped faucets, fridges that monitor grocery inventory, lighting that’s coloured from your tablet, and wifi-ready appliances. Gadgets like the Google Home are also quickly revolutionizing the way homeowners interact and exist in their own kitchens.

Starting your own renovation or design project?

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