TRENDING NOW: The 7 Hottest Bathroom Trends of 2017

A first step to any renovation is the inspiration. Whether it comes because you’re frustrated with your space, or you see something you like at a friends or online, inspiration comes at the start. Before you take on your bathroom renovations, to spark your inspiration you’ll want to know what trends are emerging and what interior design styles will be the next big thing. Luckily for you, Jostar has you covered with a full trend report for 2017’s hottest bathroom renovations.

If you’re just getting started, we also have a succinct workbook to help you plan your entire bathroom renovation in 14 pages or less. Take a look to ensure your favourite trends are a fit!

Read on to discover the latest and greatest in bathroom remodels:



A little shine goes a long way. This year, we’re seeing bright, shiny metallic accents coming through in everything from shower textiles to backsplash and floor tile. Metallics are a great way to bring light and visual intrigue into your space, and the unique finish will catch eyes for years to come.


Integrated storage


Trends can be practical too! Keeping all of your bathroom items hidden away keeps the decor looking sleek and clean. Invest in a wall cabinet and a new vanity with storage options for your next Edmonton interior design project to keep all your beauty and hygiene products out of sight and out of mind.


Multidimensional elements


This is where your bathroom design can really pop. The use of multidimensional tiles and fixtures adds depth to your space, inviting users and guests in to explore. We love the pop of a three-dimensional tile against sharp white fixtures for a bathroom that is fun to use (and to look at).


Tech Options


Whether you add speakers to your shower or heating to your floor and towel racks, the future is coming to bathrooms near you. The latest in technology innovation gives you new comforts and little pleasures – like your favourite song during a morning shower.


Doorless showers


We’re not talking about missing doors – we’re talking about bathroom designs so elegant, the floor and wall space accommodate a shower without the need for doors. Going doorless is a great way to maximize space and help your bathroom create a natural, easy flow of movement.


Creative lighting


Who says you can’t have a chandelier over your tub or a set of antique sconces beside your towel rack? Creative lighting is one of our favourite trends because it can make such a bold and personal statement. Your bathroom remodel is the perfect time to bring your own personality into your space, so choose lighting accents that suit you and bring you joy.


Whiteout conditions


Lastly, we’re seeing a lot of white on white action on the bathroom trend horizon. There’s something classic, clean, and elegant about perfectly white bathroom surfaces, and layering white elements within your space creates a tone of modern luxury.

For all your bathroom design ideas, the experts at Jostar are always ready to help and inspire. Check out our full bathroom renovations workbook for a complete guide on how to start your next Edmonton interior design project.