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Interior Design in Edmonton with
Computer-Generated Drawings

Sometimes it’s hard to picture how your home will look after it’s been redecorated or remodeled. You might have a general sense of the changes, but is that enough to give you confidence that you’re making the right decision?

Jostar Interiors offers computer-generated renderings of spaces that take the guesswork and uncertainty out of interior decorating in Edmonton. We can create floor plans, elevations, space plans and 3D drawings that will give you an accurate visual of your renovation or redecorating project.



Arrange an Appointment with an Edmonton Interior Design Consultant

It can be hard to know where to begin when you want to redecorate or renovate your home, and that’s why we at Jostar Interiors are pleased to offer you a personalized interior design consultation with one of our talented and versatile design consultants.

During your consultation, we will discuss your specific renovation ideas and goals. Our experienced design consultants will help you hone in on what makes sense for your specific space and budget.

Your consultation can be held either at our office in Edmonton, or we can meet you in your home. Travel outside of the city is available. To find out if we can come to your location, simply contact us!


More Services

Design Services for a Complete Package Experience

When we say that we offer interior design “from concept to completion,” we mean it! Jostar Interiors provides a number of other services that ensures you have a complete package experience.

No room is complete without lighting. Whether you want to set a relaxing mood or ensure your space is bright enough for specific tasks, Jostar Interiors will devise the perfect lighting scheme.

Wall Finishes
A room’s walls are the backdrop for all of your décor. Jostar Interiors does special wall finishes to help you achieve just the right look. We can utilize wall paper, wall board, fabric panels and paint to meet your specific goals.

Custom Bedding
When you’ve taken the time to decorate your bedroom just so, it can be disappointing to have to settle for off the shelf bedding. But with Jostar Interiors, you don’t have to! We can provide custom bedding that perfectly complements your room’s décor.

Personal Shopping
Leave the details to us! We provide personal shopping for our home décor clients, which means we can go out and find just the right furnishings and accessories for any room.

Green Design
Love good-looking design AND caring for the planet? Jostar Interiors is proud to support your desire to have a green design, and we will work with you to find environmentally friendly products that are healthy and beautiful.

Universal Design & Barrier-Free Design
We want your home to be a relaxing and enjoyable place for everyone you love, no matter what their age or ability may be. Jostar Interiors can help you design or remodel your home according to the principles of these types of design.