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Renovations from Talented Edmonton Interior Designers

Not only can a home renovation bring new style and functionality to your space, it can also dramatically improve the value and appeal of your home. A professional Edmonton interior design company like Jostar Interiors can help ensure you get the absolute most for every dollar you spend on your home renovation, taking your project from concept to completion.

We can help you renovate any space, including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basements, living rooms, offices, foyers and storage areas. What are the goals of your home renovation?

  • Layout ─ should there be changes to the space plan, including locations of entrances and/or walls?
  • Function ─ how would you like the space to function, and how does the space need to change to meet those needs?
  • Aesthetics ─ what added features (windows, furnishings, décor) will enhance the appearance of the space?

It’s a lot to think through ─ and that’s why Jostar Interiors is pleased to offer personalized design consultations with our talented Edmonton interior designers.

Four Key Steps to a Successful Renovation
As you ponder your renovation and prepare for your consultation, do a walk-through of the area of your home you want to change and consider the following:

  • Your priorities. Are there certain “must haves” that your renovation needs to include? Make sure to write these down. This will allow our design consultant to help you focus your choices and budget.
    Your style. If you have specific design and décor preferences, make note of these so you can share them with your design consultant.
  • Your budget. No matter what you can spend, whether it’s a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, your renovation will run smoothly when a budget is set early in the process. Knowing your budget will help you make decisions along the way!
  • Any necessary research. The best way to form a realistic budget—or to determine if you’re on track for the budget you’ve set—is to know what your wish list furnishings cost. That’s where research comes in to play, and your Jostar interior design consultant will assist you with sourcing furnishings that fit your goals.

Click Here for the Renovations Questionnaire

Get Started by Completing the Jostar Renovation Questionnaire
If you’re ready to take the first step toward making your renovation dreams a reality, fill out our easy renovation questionnaire! You can print the form, fill it out by hand and then mail it to us, or you can enter your information directly into the pdf, save it to your computer and then attach it to either an email or our Contact Us Form.

We look forward to helping bring you one step closer to the design of your dreams!