10 Dream Bathrooms

These 10 Dream Bathrooms Will Make You
Want To Start Your Renovation Today


Are you excited to start planning your bathroom renovation? After reading this post, you absolutely will be. 

Check out some of the most inspiring bathroom renovation ideas and designs we’ve ever seen, and get ready to swoon!

Lust-worthy Layout

Photo Credit:  dreamhomesss.com

Photo Credit: dreamhomesss.com

Features we love:

  • That empty space under the sink thanks to a wall mount that makes the bathroom look even bigger. TIP: If you have a small space, this little trick makes all the difference.
  • Look at that creative layout -we can’t get over how well it enforces a thoughtful and natural traffic flow.

Clean and Chic

Photo credit:  kristinalynne.ca

Photo credit: kristinalynne.ca

Features we love:

  • The blended styles: vintage-looking tile, a modern sink, and an earthy wooden vanity that create a thoughtful synergy in the space.
  • Fixture heaven. The way the faucet matches the light fixtures makes this dream bathroom come together.

Rustic meets Modern

Photo credit:  apartmenttheraphy.com

Photo credit: apartmenttheraphy.com

Features we love:

  • Here it’s all about texture. Exposed brick complements the modern tub beautifully.
  • Can we talk about that glass! The glass shower completely opens up the space, letting light reach all nooks and crannies.

Sleek and Sophisticated

Photo credit:  elledecoration.se

Photo credit: elledecoration.se

Features we love:

  • This bathroom is a minimalist’s dream. The space balances form and function without clutter or distraction.
  • Statements work best when you only make one. Here it’s the exquisite tile work, popping because it’s the clear focal point of the room.

TIP: In your bathroom renovation, pick one “big” statement and stick to it.

Effortlessly Elegant

Photo credit:  homebunch.com

Photo credit: homebunch.com

Features we love:

  • The homeowners took advantage of height, colour, and glass to make this deceptively small bathroom look huge!
  • We’re big fans of smart storage – and this vanity is no exception.

Black and White All Over

Photo credit:  apartmenttherapy.com

Photo credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Features we love:

  • The success of this space has a lot to do with light. The homeowners took advantage of the window, styled it for optimal brightness, and let the light right on in.
  • We are also all over the patterned wallpaper. It makes a statement, but fits the colour scheme nicely so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Natural Beauty

Photo credit:  sfgirlbybay.com

Photo credit: sfgirlbybay.com

Features we love:

  • Fixtures that steal the show. The copper finish here is drool-worthy.
  • Pairing natural stone with shiny tile is another way to really make a space pop.

Contemporary and Cool

Photo credit:  l-oveandesire.tumblr.com

Features we love:

  • We can’t not mention the statement water fixture. Wow.
  • We’re also obsessed with the tile work in this shower space. There are several sizes and shapes at play, but they converge to create something truly unique.

Showstopper Lighting

Photo credit:  maisonvalentina.net

Photo credit: maisonvalentina.net

Features we love:

  • Lighting. Obviously. The light feature here creates depth, and it adds intrigue to an area that would otherwise go unnoticed. TIP: If you want to get creative with your bathroom renovation ideas, consider a bold light fixture to make an unexpected impact.
  • That soaker tub adds to the luxurious vibe, and it makes us want to slip in with a good book right now.

Dramatic and Dazzling

Photo credit:  feedpuzzle.com

Photo credit: feedpuzzle.com

Features we love:

  • This space played to its strengths perfectly. The tile all the way up the wall emphasizes the ceiling height.
  • Built in shelving is another big win – making sure the bathroom design also meets functional needs.  

Now we know you’re probably jumping out of your seat to get your bathroom renovation started, so check out our Bathroom Renovation Quiz to find out how much you should budget to create your dream space.