70's Bedroom at Edmonton Design Week 2017

Edmonton Design Week: Design Through Time
1970s Bedroom Design Influence


Edmonton Design Week is almost here! Our upcoming installation, Design Through Time by Jostar Interiors, will debut at Enterprise Square on September 21. This is the last stop on our journey to the design world of today, and we’ve saved some of the best for last.

Groovy, baby. Welcome to the 1970s.


About the Era

It’s time to think back to funky music, giant bell-bottom jeans, and middle-part hairstyles. This is a time where, if you walk into an office, you won’t see any laptops, and disco music isn’t accompanied by #ThrowbackThursday.

Here are some major events to set the stage for the era we’re travelling to today:

  • Floppy discs hit the market in 1971
  • The first cell phone is invented in 1973
  • People fall in love for the first time with Post-Its and the Rubik’s cube in 1974
  • “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor comes out in 1978


Style and Trends

As you can see, we’ve come a long way since our journey through time started in the 1860s, but we’re still a ways away from the interior design trends of 2017. Some of the biggest styles from today originated in the 70s, and we want to take a moment to pay our respects to shag carpet, among other design influences. We’re taking a look into bedroom design specifically, exploring the colours, prints, and textures that brought this decade to life.

These were some of the biggest trends of the 70s:

1. Walls become canvas

Have you ever seen a painted stripe run all the way across a room? How about a kaleidoscope statement wall? Bedrooms of the 70s were defined by the psychedelic playfulness of wall décor. Geometric and colourful shapes popped up in large proportions and were often matched to textiles and linens, creating a funky design experience that was anything but boring.


2. Say yes to texture

On the walls, on the carpet, on the furniture! The 1970s are defined by texture experimentation, so adding shag carpet, wallpaper, and fabric to as many surfaces as possible was a must. Stripes, polka dots, and colourful patterns were everywhere and colour clashing was often employed for dramatic effect.


3. Bedroom sets, oh yes

The 70s were also a time in which a bedroom set made entirely of teak or pine was all the rage. There was so much going on all over the walls and floors that bedroom furniture often matched perfectly and looked like an identifiable set. Wicker furniture was a definable characteristic of the time, which added another layer of texture to an already textured space. Furniture layout also categorized the era, with bedroom furniture often placed along the same wall, in one big line up.


Design Week Inspiration

As the reveal of Design Through Time approaches, we’ve been inspired by the hippie movement that defined the decade of the 70s, and the groovy-flower-power-peace signs that we still channel whenever we consider using a funky print or a faux-fur accent.

Whether you’ve been following our journey through time over the past several weeks, or you’re just tuning in now, we hope you’ll join us for Edmonton Design Week on September 21! If you want some interior design inspiration right this minute, check out our Bathroom Renovation Quiz to start gathering a few ideas and channel your inspiration in the meantime.

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