Initial Design Consultation

All Design, Decor and Renovation projects at Jostar Interiors start with an Initial Design Consultation tailored to your specific project.


What to expect

Plan on spending some time with your designers discussing what your needs are and what you plan to accomplish with your project. Unlike other interior design firms, Jostar Interiors uses a team approach with 2 designers attending the initial consultation.

At the Initial Design Consultation the Designers will:

- Review your project

- Work to understand your tastes, design style, likes/dislikes

- Brainstorm design ideas

- Problem solve with unique solutions

- Offer suggestions and advice

- Take detailed photos and measurements

Types of Initial Design Consultations

Not sure what to talk about at an initial design consultation? Here are some examples of what past clients have discussed with their designers.

  • Full service decorating

  • Upcoming renovation

  • Choosing paint colours

  • Furniture arrangement recommendations

  • Drapery and custom window coverings


Why do you need one?

The Initial Design Consultation is one of the most important steps in the process. Working with a Design Consultant is a tremendous benefit for clients in:

Saving Money: Having design elements that all work together and getting it right the first time will save money (and frustration) in the long run.

Saving Time: Designers have extensive industry knowledge and know how to apply design principles effectively. Helping you make decisions using their knowledge and experience will save you hours of research.

Providing a Second Set of Eyes: A second set of eyes is valuable even if you are style savvy. A designer can double check building plans to ensure flow and layout or look over finishes and colours ensuring a cohesive finished look.

Feel For the Space: Having designers on-site is the best way to ensure the big picture and all the design elements work together in your space.

Better Access: Designers have access to fabrics and furniture you won’t find in your local stores. They can make recommendations on size and fabric ensuring it is perfect for your space.

Realistic Budget: Designers can apply their experience to your project and help you to get accurate and realistic information regarding cost and timelines.

Reliable Associates: We work with contractors, builders, tradespeople and custom craftsmen and can make recommendations on who would be right for your job.

Neutral Opinion: Designing and renovating with a partner can be a source of conflict. Having a neutral third party can make the decision making process smoother.


Ready to book an Initial Design Consultation?