Our Design and Renovation Process


Jostar Interiors is a Designer-led design build firm managing all aspects of the interior design and actual construction phases of the project from the first meeting to the final finishing touch ensuring a smooth project.  The benefit of the design build format is our team and trusted partners are working towards the same goal making everyone accountable for timelines and managing costs. 

Our 5-stage process ensures a quality outcome every time whether you are simply redecorating or undertaking a main floor renovation we will manage the project each step of the way.


Stage 1 - Getting to know you

The Initial Design Consultation

All design, décor and renovation projects at Jostar Interiors start with an Initial Design Consultation tailored to your specific project.  The Initial Design Consultation is one of the most important steps in the process.  At the consultation we will get to know you, understand more about the project and make a recommendation on the right design package for you.

Duration: We usually schedule the 2-hour consultation within 1-2 weeks depending on client and designer schedules.

Stage 2 - Picking the plan that works for you

Your Personalized Design Package

During the Initial Design Consultation the design team will make a recommendation on which design package or service that is right for your project.  Depending on your needs the package may include 3D-renderings if you are renovating or just a few extra design hours to pick paint and furniture.

Duration: The designers will discuss and make a recommendation on the package at the initial design consultation.  The majority of clients’ signup for the design package at the consultation.



Stage 3 - Getting it on paper

The Design Development

Once the personalized design package is signed off on the designers will start working on your project.  Depending on the type of package selected you may receive different design deliverables (floor plan, space plan, furniture plan etc.) throughout the design development stage.

Duration: Typically clients will start to see initial designs 7-10 working days from the initial design consultation/ acceptance of the personalized design package.  The total time for the design phase is dependent on the clients’ needs.

Stage 4 - Putting the plan into action

Construction and Install

After the design has been accepted and signed off on the project management and construction will begin.  Through this stage the project is overseen by a Project Coordinator who will help you make decisions and keep you informed of the project progress.  Using our trusted trades and suppliers we will order and arrange for installation of all the project elements. Attention to detail is a key ingredient in delivering a project on time and on budget ensuring all design elements work together to deliver the “WOW”.

Duration: The construction time is dependent on the scope of the clients’ project and the finishes selected.


living room.jpg

Stage 5 - Getting to the finish line

Furnishing, Accessories and Project Completion

As a full service firm we will conclude the construction and installation phase and address any remaining items on the punch list.  During stage 5 we would also ensure window coverings, furniture, styling and accessories for the space are placed and set up.  These services are dependent on the scope of work established with the client.

Duration: It can range from a few days to a week or two depending on the level of finishes.