Edmonton Renovation Show 2015

Edmonton Renovation Show 2015

This year, we participated in the Edmonton Renovation Show once again. We have been doing this for so long, it is easy to switch gears and get immersed in the quick paced feel of the trade show. So we decided to up our game this year!

This year, we had a booth and we presented on the main stage! Our booth caught everyone’s eye and our presentation caught the attention of everyone walking by. It was a huge success!

Let me back up a little now. Before the show, there is a lot of work that has to be done. We hired two new designers, Laura and Alice, just before the show. Since we are celebrating 40 years this year, we wanted to so something special for people at the show. We ordered custom folders for information packages for anyone interested in doing a renovation. We ordered new pens with a stylus on the end (they are fabulous!). We had brochures, notepads, magazines, calculators, and bags that we brought to give away. We put prizes together for people who came to hear us speak. We also had some grand prizes that we were drawing for that our suppliers donated. All of these had to be organized, wrapped, and packed.

We also had to plan for the booth. Set up was, as always, a labour intensive day. We had lots of extra hands this year, so it went by quickly and safely. We also had to prep for the presentation. I spent weeks working on it, preparing slides, scripts, samples, and coordinating Joanna and the two other presenters. When all was said and done, the presentation was a success! We showed people how easy it could be to “Conquer your Reno!”

After the Edmonton Renovation Show was over, we packed everything up and headed back to the office. We have been getting phone calls from so many people needing help with decorating and renovating. Thank goodness we have extra help!

So make sure that you keep an eye out for more blogs about projects that we are working on!


Friday, February 6, 2015