Kitchen Recipes | Cooking in Style With These Simple Tips

If you’re hosting your family’s holiday celebration this year, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed, especially when it comes to cooking and getting all your recipes just right. The good news is there are lots of steps you can take with Edmonton interior design to make your kitchen as functional as possible and help minimize your stress. Rediscover the joy of cooking and love being in your kitchen again with these five tips.

(Skeptical? Don’t worry – for good measure, we added a delicious holiday recipe with each tip to make sure inspiration strikes!)

Start small with the spices

Organizing your spices is an easy but effective way to make your kitchen more functional. Opt for storage options such as fully organized drawers or pullout cabinets that let you easily see everything all at once. While grabbing the pepper for your Christmas morning omelet, you might spot the cardamom and get inspired to make your own chai latte. The Minimalist Baker has a recipe for a vegan one we love.

Think about open vertical storage

There’s a reason almost every chef on a cooking show has open, hanging storage for pots and pans. It doesn’t just look amazing as part of your home decor; it facilitates grabbing exactly what you need with ease. With hanging storage, you won’t have to open any cabinets or drawers while you’re in the zone making your famous casserole (or the amazing broccoli cheddar one from Budget Bytes that we’ve been enjoying lately). 

Designate Spaces

Another great way to make your kitchen more functional is to have specific areas for every cooking step from prepping to plating. More designated spaces mean more efficient cooking, which leaves time for extra treats like these incredible candy cane chocolate chip Christmas cookies by The Cookie Writer.

Consider a flat stovetop

If kitchen renovations are in your plans, clean-lined surfaces are a great idea to optimize the functionality of your cooking space. When not in use, you’ll be able to use your stovetop for extra counter space to make mouth-watering side dishes, like our go-to kale and bacon salad from the Food Network for all the holiday season potlucks you’ll be attending.

Light your space

Great lighting doesn’t just apply to living rooms and bathrooms. Having great lighting in your kitchen makes your space more relaxing, and it helps you focus on your cooking and getting inspired. Make sure every corner of your kitchen is well lit so you can use all of your space to its full potential. When you look forward to being in your kitchen, you’ll probably feel up to trying more new things – like this tasty prime rib and gravy recipe from Dinner with Julie.

Functional kitchen design is one of the best ways to make sure you enjoy spending time in your kitchen. With a functional kitchen, even the biggest holiday meal won’t seem like a chore. At Jostar Interiors, we can help you get ready for hosting and cooking just in time for the holiday season. Interior design ideas and inspiration are just a click away.

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