Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Renovations

To get a lot out of your kitchen design, you also have to put a lot into it. At Jostar Interiors, we have outlined everything you need to know about the kitchen renovation process to help you take on your next project from start to finish.

It’s normal for home renovations to seem intimidating, so we’d like to make it easier for you. Knowing and following an organized process will take you through all of the steps to find kitchen renovation success. Follow along for expert tips and designer advice to help you learn everything you need to know before you get started, and as you move through the process of your next kitchen renovation project.



The Kitchen Renovation Process from Start to Finish

Although it may seem daunting, a kitchen renovation is a process Jostar is very familiar with – and happy to guide you through! To begin your own kitchen renovation, you’ll first need to identify these four key elements:

1.       Research and Inspiration Resources

2.       A Feasible Budget

3.       Your Kitchen Renovation Plans

4.       A Right-Fit Designer

Next, we’ll identify how these elements come into play when kitchen renovations in Edmonton really come together.

1.       Gather your research and check out your existing space.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to research interior design ideas and the latest trends to spark kitchen design inspiration. It is all little details, skillfully coordinated, that will make an impact on the overall feel and function of your new kitchen design. Do you need more storage? Easier to clean surfaces? More prep space? These are all problems kitchen renovations can fix, and asking yourself what you really need will help you hone in on the details that will take your kitchen from great to outstanding.


Your inspiration may come from outside your existing kitchen, but some of the best renovation research comes from identifying elements already working in your existing kitchen design. This will save you time and money and help you keep what is inherently beneficial about your current kitchen. It is important to look at your space as objectively as you can to make sure your dream kitchen is feasible in your existing space. If you would like to expand the size of your kitchen, this is when you need to call a designer to explore your possibilities.

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2.       Determine your budget.

Once you’ve gathered all of your research and inspiration, you will need to think about the bottom line. Determining your budget is key before you engage with any contractors – it will likely be one of the first questions they ask. To get an idea of how much you should budget, take a look at our portfolio to see the range of budget pricing we’ve done for past clients.


3.       Get organized.


Once you’ve gathered your kitchen inspiration and determined your renovation budget, it’s time to get serious about your renovations plans and details. There are a few questions to answer to help you identify exactly what you need to make your renovation a reality, such as:

·         What will the layout be? Designer tip: Renovations should enhance your layout, and an L-shaped kitchen with an island is one of our favorite layout options.

·         Will there be enough space for walkways? Designer tip: Hope for one person in a walkway, plan enough space for two.

·         Is there going to be ample space around the sink? Rule of thumb: Sinks need their space too!

·         Have you considered appliance specifications? Rule of thumb: It is not enough for appliances to fit – they have to function and contribute to efficiency in your space.

·         Where is everyone going to sit? Rule of thumb: Deciding early on what the seating arrangement will be allows you to cater the rest of your plans for the ideal setup.


4.       Bring your ideas and plans to the right designer.

At this point, you’ll have a dream kitchen in mind, an idea of a feasible renovation budget, and a sense of all the considerations that will need to take place to make your upcoming kitchen renovation a reality. Unless you’re doing all of the renovations and design yourself, this is where you can let the experts step in and bring the plans for your new kitchen renovation to life. An interior designer is a great resource to help you address concerns and develop solutions; they’ve been working with kitchen design in Edmonton for a long time, and have first-hand knowledge and advice to make your kitchen feel bigger, brighter, and better to ensure there are no surprises along the way.



Even if you’re confident in your ability to manage the contractors, it is helpful to know how designers can help, so you’re keeping the process as stress-free as possible. We encourage you to look around and find someone who really “clicks” with you. The client-designer relationship is extremely important, so it is a good idea to set high standards when searching for someone to bring your dream kitchen to life. You want someone who will understand your style and be able to anticipate what works best for you. You also need someone who will work with you to preserve the original brick wall in your space that you love, and who will also tell you all-over neon paint is not a good idea! The right designer will not only make your life easier, but they can also make the renovation process better by suggesting smart tweaks to your design plans and even making cost-saving suggestions.

It is easy to get overwhelmed — your designer knows what to expect and will keep tabs on all the moving parts of your renovation. At this stage, be honest! You’re the one who’s going to live in your kitchen, so it is important to feel completely confident in your plan. It’s okay to change your mind – you are more than likely to make several changes along the way, so the more flexible you are, the better. If you’re ready to go, you might want to talk to one of our experts today!


5.       Give it time and watch your kitchen transform.


During the demolition and build phase of the renovation there will be a team sorting out your plumbing, your cabinetry, your flooring, painting your walls, laying the tiles in your backsplash, and even hanging new lighting and window coverings. Soon, you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and your design becoming a reality. The anticipation during this phase is at an all-time high, and you’ll be eager for your kitchen renovations to be complete. Change is good! The specific timeline for your renovation will depend on your unique project, but changes will be taking place, and depending on the scale of your interior design project, you may have to stay out of your kitchen for a few days or weeks.


6.       Adjust as you go.


Another important note is to keep evaluating your plans and your project as you go making sure nothing is missed or left behind. This is where it helps to talk to others who have completed kitchen renovations and gain as much insight as you can about what to expect during your renovation. When all of your ideas start to come together, this is where you’ll make adjustments if necessary and validate the feasibility of each component of your home decor and renovation plan. The best renovations maximize your kitchen space, the natural light, and your storage capacity. Your new kitchen should do more for you, in terms of both visual appeal and practical function.


7.       Add your own personal touches.

As the old parts of your kitchen disappear, you’ll be getting excited to cook in your dream kitchen, and settle into your new space. Now is the time to ask your designer for new accessory ideas, or to break out those ‘one of a kind collector items’ to display. While your kitchen is in the works, you can brainstorm how you’ll live in your space and look into things like tips and tricks to make a small kitchen feel bigger.



8.       Your newly renovated kitchen is ready!

Your new kitchen style says a lot about you, so you’re going to want to show off your new space and settle into the hub of your home right away. Enjoy hosting your first dinner party in your new kitchen, share before and after photos on social media, and settle into your new space. Kitchen renovations can also significantly boost the value of your property, so you’ll enjoy the benefits of your renovation down the line, even after you move on to another home.

Enjoying is the most important step, and hearing from happy clients is the best part of our job at Jostar Interiors. We’re here to help with every phase of your kitchen renovation!

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